Adrienne Arlan

Reputable, college student with much child care experience and an optimistic, responsible attitude


Looking within 25 miles of Chicago, IL.

Nanny in Chicago

Hello, families! My name is Adrienne Arlan, and I live in Chicago Illinois, in the Irving Park area. I will be entering my sophmore year of college at DePaul University in September, and I am currently looking for a summer nanying job. I have been a babysitter and nanny for over five years now, and have worked with as many as four young children at a time. I do very much enjoy childcare, and have gotten much positive feedback and customers from my love of kids. I do not mind early morings; in fact most of my jobs in the past consisted of eleven or twelve hour days. As far as other responsibilities are concerned, while nannying for families I also assist in tidying up the home, helping the children with their homework, cooking meals, coordinating play dates, picking up/dropping off from school or sports, and coming up with fun things to do. One of the things that makes me unique is that I do not tire out easily when it comes to caring for kids and the home the live in. I find a lot of happiness in watching children grow, and building relationships with them and their families. I am also very punctual, and appreciate even communication; meaning that I am never late, and consistently communicate with the parents/guardians of whom I am caring for. And as such, I would ask that you parents would advocate and execute those same values so that miscommunications do not occur. Ultimately, I am ready and eager to find a family with children that would appreciate a nanny who will genuinely care for them, and make it a fun experience while maintaining responsibilities. I am available any day of the week starting june 5th (one and a half weeks from now), and as i stated previously, I am used to long hours is need be. I typically receive no less than 12-15 dollars an hour, but of course I am open to speaking about what you are comfortable with. Please contact me through this site. I look forward to hearing from you!

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