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You Need Babysitter Or Nanny Iam At Your Service Day Or Night

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Looking within 5 miles of Decatur, GA.

Nanny, Babysitter in Decatur

hello to all parents iam he to help you if you need a babysitter or nanny for you baby or kids day or night or weekends iam free anytime just call me or text me i love kids i live in decatur ga by lawrenceville hwy and north dr hill 30033 you can bring you baby or your kids too me they will be safe God bless you all

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Children Not Listening? Yelling is Not the Answer!

As a parent and a teacher, the issue of children not listening has been central to my life experience at home and at work. It is not unique nor is it new. It is a challenge that has been facing parents forever, and obviously there is no easy fix because of all the variables. But if there is one t...

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Night Terrors and Children

Most children experience an occasional nightmare. They wake up upset and crying, are comforted by their parents, and then it is back to sleep. A night terror (or sleep terror), is a sleep disruption that seems similar to a nightmare, but is far more dramatic as his or her fear was likely incon...

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Top 10 Qualities of a Great Nanny

Choosing just the right nanny for your child is not for the faint of heart. This caregiver will, in many cases, spend more daytime hours with your child than you will and because of that will exert a tremendous influence on him/her. Just like any parent, you probably have carefully t...

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Children and Nail Biting: Should We be Worried?

I remember as a child watching my sister bite her nails endlessly and my mother constantly taking her hands out if her mouth and reprimanding her, albeit, gently. Years later, I envy her nails. She has beautiful nails, so lovely in fact that she could be a hand model. Such a juxtaposition: chubby...

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