Family Purchasing Power: Eco-Friendly Style

by John Philip Green  •  July 24, 2012
From the day they are born, children are exposed to marketing and advertising. In 2004, the FTC estimated that children watched 10,700 minutes of television advertisements a year—that’s over seven days of commercials. It is our responsibility to show children how to navigate our consumer world by modelling purchasing power that is both ethically and environmentally conscious. Buy Smart The number on a price tag isn’t the only cost associated with an item, more often than not, the hidden...
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Green Your Home

by John Philip Green  •  July 17, 2012
Impressing on children the importance of environmental stewardship is best done as a family initiative, with everyone in the home taking part and working together to make a difference.
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Pacifiers: Do They Suck?

by Ali Dinani  •  July 12, 2012
Pacifiers can be a lifesaver, calming down a fussy baby almost instantly. But do they harm the baby more than they help the parents? Pacifiers have been used since the the late 17th century, and since their introduction have taken the world of parenthood by storm. Over 50% of the parental population in the US have adopted the use of pacifiers to one degree or another. The Good Relaxation As most parents are aware, pacifiers can calm a baby down during stressful moments. One of the common...
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Nanny Cams: Illegal? Unethical? or Both?

by Ali Dinani  •  July 04, 2012
The ill-conceived product of over anxious parents or a modern safety measure for your child? Nanny cams present a complex decision to many families. The Nanny Cam: a hidden video camera, secretly installed in a common household item such as such a teddy bear, clock, radio, plant or tissue box. It is used to secretly monitor and record the activities of caregivers. But there the clarity ends! We understand the 'what', but it is the 'when' and the 'how' that are the problems! What are the cir...
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Your Child: To Leash or Not to Leash

by Ali Dinani  •  June 26, 2012
Woof! Your child doesn't sound like a dog, why treat them like one? Misguided parents strap leashes on their kids as a safety measure. Really? A leash for your child? A child leash is a strap that is attached around a child’s wrist or a harness on the chest to stop the youngster from running away. Here's what's wrong with them. Child safety is a huge and complex issue, and maybe in some situations child leashes are in fact useful. However, those situations do not include morning walks aro...
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Online Sitter Services

by John Philip Green  •  May 14, 2012 is your all-in-one source for hiring any type of sitter. Whether you need a baby sitter, pet sitter, house sitter or nanny, you can find the perfect sitter on this site! There are 2 ways to find your future sitter: browse available sitters, or let the sitters come to you, and post a job opening. Browsing the available sitter listings can give you an easy look into the current market. Start by selecting the listing type and your location in the Sitter Search box on For ...
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Protect Your Child - Get a Background Check!

by John Philip Green  •  May 07, 2012
Nannies have much more responsibility and much more access to your children than babysitters; they not only watch over your child while you are at work or at a dinner party, but also provide many other childcare needs. They are in essence like a second mother and have significant influence on your child’s development both physically and emotionally. How does a background check protect my child? Background checks are thorough documents examining several critical features about your future n...
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