Au Pair vs. Nanny


Making a decision between hiring an au pair and hiring a nanny can be a difficult if you do not have all of the relevant information. Both au pairs and nannies provide housekeeping and childcare assistance to homeowners, however, the two provide different amounts of care and subsequently receive different pay scales.

What’s the difference?

Au pair

An au pair is a foreign student who comes to live with you, as a member of your family, in exchange for providing assistance in housekeeping and childcare. A nanny is an individual employed by the homeowner to provide caretaking assistance, housekeeping and childcare.


Nanny - Their home OR your home
Au Pair - Your home

Nanny - Regular payments
Au Pair - Housing, lower payments, and a small amount educational assistance

Work hours
Nanny - Full time or part-time depending on your needs.
Au Pair - Maximum of 45 hours a week

Vacation Time
Nanny - Can be agreed upon between the nanny and the homeowner
Au Pair - Examinations and study time must be taken into consideration

Nanny - Provide most, or all, housekeeping and babysitting duties
Au Pair - Duties must be discussed with applicant prior to hiring

Where to find
Nanny - job posting, friends, family
Au Pair - U.S Approved Office or State Agency

Nanny - Varies, usually proficient in English
Au Pair - Language proficiency depends on prior countries of residence. English is required.

Nanny - Often have several years of experience, CPR certified
Au Pair - Usually have minimal professional experience and often no certifications