Why More Pregnant Women Need to Get Into Yoga

September 27, 2016

What if I told you that there were tremendous health benefits for mothers who practice yoga? Not only physical but mental benefits as well. Would you believe me if I told you that practicing yoga could also help alleviate or help with postpartum depression?

Believe it — and after pregnant moms read this article, they’ll be ready to purchase a yoga mat and practice their first downward dog.

The Physical Benefits Of Yoga

Mansi, a Yoga Expert, shed light on some of the benefits associated with prenatal yoga in the video above, saying…

“As you are pregnant and as the baby begins to grow, your stamina comes down. Yoga helps to improve stamina, so that you’re able to meet the physical demands of your baby growing inside you as well as the demands of the outside world on you, with efficiency and no problem. The second thing that happens is that as the baby grows, a lot of strain is put on the lower back or the lumbar region. This region needs to be strengthened so that you do not have any problems as the pregnancy progresses… it also helps in preparing the back for labor.”

Back problems and pain are common with pregnant women and this often contributes to many sleep problems.

In addition, yoga mothers find themselves better prepared for childbirth because they have worked on controlling their breath and muscles. All of this contributes to better sleep and reduces stress. Once the baby is born, a safe yoga practice is a good way to regain flexibility and exercise muscles.

We’ve outlines some physical benefits that will help a mother beyond birth. What about the mental benefits for yoga moms? Can yoga help a mother deal with the Baby Blues or postpartum depression?

The Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga Expert, Mansi in the above video, spoke on the mental benefits saying…

“The number one benefit is that it helps to give the mother a good body image… The second thing is that yoga is extremely relaxing. It helps the mother completely relax. It helps a mother deal with anything that comes her way, with equanimity and no upheaval. The third benefit of yoga is that it helps the mother be more in control of herself…

The baby actually interprets the world from you. All the baby can hear is your breathing, your digestion, your heart rate. When you are stressed or you are under any sort of tension or pressure, your heart rate increases, your digestion is not at optimal levels, and your breathing is shallow. This puts unnecessary strain on your baby. Through yoga, you’re able to bring all of this under control…”

Yoga will allow mothers to think clearly and develop mind-body awareness, all of which have a direct impact on the fetus. Other studies point out that yoga helps mothers to remain calm and control their energy while preparing for pregnancy.

Many yoga mothers have turned to the practice in order to prepare and fend against postpartum depression. In addition, specific studies have indicated that Kundalini Yoga can assist in coping with postpartum depression. This version of yoga controls breathing and helps monitor and control messages that we send to our body.

Most importantly, when it comes to yoga and coping with PPD or the Baby Blues, certain yoga postures help control hormonal imbalances which contribute towards depression.

How Do You Become A Yoga Mom?

First and foremost, you want to consult with your physician. Once you’ve been given clearance to engage in an exercise program, you should look for a prenatal yoga class — even if you’re new to yoga! You’ll also have an opportunity to meet other yoga moms and become part of a community.

What Is Prenatal Yoga?

In the video above, Sara Beth, a certified prenatal yoga teacher discussed the practice and the benefits saying…

“Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for pregnant women in all three trimesters to connect with this transformation of journeying into becoming a mother, connecting to the mother within, the growing body and the growing baby…”

In addition to finding a prenatal yoga class, you should find an instructor who is trained to teach pregnant women. What happens if you can’t find a prenatal yoga class? What about other yoga classes?

Other Types Of Yoga That Benefit Pregnant Mothers

If you can’t find a prenatal class, Hatha, Ananda and Integral yoga have all been identified as safe alternatives. If you want to try a general class, make sure that you speak with your instructor and let them know you’re pregnant.

Other forms of yoga that you might consider are:

  • Iyengar — Focuses on posture.
  • Viniyoga — Posture and breathing exercises
  • Kundalini — Breath control and releasing energy

Are There any Forms of Yoga Pregnant Mothers Should Avoid?

Mothers are advised to stay away from Power, Flow or Bikram (Hot) yoga due to their intensity.


Developing or starting a yoga practice when you’re pregnant is actually convenient time to begin. Research indicates that mothers who exercise have a shorter time in labor, have a natural childbirth and recover faster.

Regardless of which practice you begin, consult your doctor or more specifically, a pediatrician that you’re consulting. This way, you can ensure that your practice coincides with their vision for helping you have a healthy baby.

Most mothers and parents have a tremendous amount of stress and concern when it comes to their newborn. Practicing yoga will help mothers develop a stronger body, mind and have better control during pregnancy.

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