Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

December 13, 2012

This has been a hotly debated topic for decades. Many agree whole heartedly with personality traits dictated by birth order while others debunk it entirely.

Wherever you stand on the issue, I find it, none-the-less, interesting reading.

Here is a capsule summary of some of the thinking.

First Born Children

  • often are high achievers and are very conscientious, reliable, and loyal
  • they feel better being in control of a situation( leader)
  • as a leader they can be strict, organized and bossy
  • they like to please others

The Second Child

  • may be very competitive, often causing rivalry between himself and his older sibling
  • they can be rebellious and work to develop unique talents the older sibling does not have

The Middle Child

  • if a the third child is born, the second child becomes the middle child
  • their behaviour traits are not as firmly defined as the first-borns
  • they often feel left out and often are
  • they often feel life is unfair and thus fight against injustice
  • they tend to be kind, helpful, and generous to others

The Youngest Child

  • the babies are often charming, friendly manipulators who have a desire to make their mark on the world
  • the youngest children get accustomed to being pampered and expect service from others
  • they crave attention and are often the family clown or entertainer
  • they are often creative and risk takers and exhibit has a good sense of humour

The Only Child

  • the only child is brought up in an adult world, thus preferring the company and language of adults
  • they enjoy being the centre of adult attention because they seek their approval
  • they often get into a pattern of being served by others because they are the centre of their parents' world
  • they can be manipulative to get what they want
  • they are not accustomed to sharing and have difficulty doing so
  • they can be demanding but dependable leaders

Some of you reading this may be surprised by some 'ah-ha's' you have experienced and noted familiarity to your sibling, personal or children's behaviour. For many it was just totally unrelated to your familial experience…pure fantasy.

But as an eldest child of three who married an eldest child of three, I must admit that I was at times astounded at how alike we were in our behaviour…interesting!