Hire a Nanny

January 4, 2013

Hiring a nanny is a much more complex process than hiring a babysitter. Nannies have a lot of responsibility and a wide range of duties. They are usually hired on a full time, long term basis, but sometimes you can hire a part time nanny, all of these positions are usually on a trial basis.

Nannies can take care of your children in all aspects of their lives--at home care, including meals, laundry and help with homework. As well, they can help with transportation to and from social, school and sports activities. Each family and nanny will work out what duties are needed and what they are mutually happy with. Some nannies will include daily cleaning tasks and running errands in their responsibilities.Here are some tips to on how to hire a nanny for your children!

Where can you find a nanny?

A nanny interacts with your children a significant portion of their day and in that role can exert a lot of influence over their behaviour, attitude and certainly their safety. It is very obvious that you need to choose your nanny with extreme care. Using Sitter.com’s nanny listings makes the task much less stressful. Our nanny listings are filled with individuals from across the United States and Canada. Start by entering the city that you live in and view the available listings.

If you have a specific need or cannot find a nanny that suits your requirements on nanny listings, another option is to post a job listing. This allows nannies seeking employment who match your request to contact you with their applications. Simply follow the instructions to post a job listing and wait for the nannies to call you.

How Do You Interview a Nanny?

The interview is a very important part in the selection process. As a nanny needs to be well qualified with a broad range of skills, first, brainstorm your priorities...those qualities that are absolutely essential that your nanny possesses. Make sure that your questions reflect these needs. Included in your questions will certainly be the nanny’s previous experiences, her academic and social strengths, and her special training in the medical area.

Nanny background checks

As a nanny spends most of the day with your children, you want to make sure you are well acquainted with her background. You can conduct a background check and review her criminal record, credit and bankruptcy history and, since she may be driving your children you should review a copy of her driving record. A nanny is taxed for her services, therefore you must check her work status eligibility and immigration status

How much should you pay a nanny?

Depending on your needs, what you pay your nanny may vary. Here is a comprehensive salary guide for paying your nanny. Nanny rates are usually established per week or per month and they are dependent on the duties each nanny is expected to fulfil and their living status...in or out of your home. To ensure maximum transparency in terms of job duties and payment, you should draw up a nanny contract where you establish all these terms. You can search for nanny contract templates online or have your lawyer assist your with this! Click here for nanny salaries by state and by city