Household Managers: Here’s What You Need To Know About the Job

September 27, 2016

Are you a parent that needs someone to go beyond the responsibilities of a nanny? Do you need a mixture of a nanny, housekeeper and perhaps someone who can take care of personal assistant work?

Fear not, mom and dad, there is a professional who goes beyond the role of a nanny and housekeeper combining all of their skills into one person who can help manage the affairs of the house — The household manager.

What is a HouseHold Manager?

Never heard of a house manager? In the past, the position may have been known as a butler, but with many women now occupying this managerial role the name had to progress.

A household named June, describes her position in the video above saying…

“I do it all, I take children to and from school and to their afternoon activities. I maintain the family calendar so that everyone knows where to go and at what time. I prepare nutritious meals… I contact various vendors for repairs and I’m also responsible for lawn and maintenance, but my main goal is to make sure that the household is ran smoothly, so that the family can spend quality time together. When they’re not working or at school. I’m very detail oriented, super organized and conscientious. In fact, I keep detailed notes on my laptop to inform my family members of upcoming projects. You can say I’m part housekeeper, part Martha Stewart and part personal assistant.”

Who Hires Household Managers?

You may find these individuals working in larger homes of the higher middle-class or in affluent communities.

What are the Duties of a Household Manager?

They manage the house affairs and the domestic staff or contractors who may be working at the home. The functions of a personal assistant and household manager can be blurred at times, but it is best for parents to identify their needs when selecting a household manager, ensuring that they’re on the same page. Some household managers don’t get involved with children or do any cooking while others do— make sure you identify the specific responsibilities. Household managers are detail oriented and they’ll appreciate a clear definition of their tasks.

What do Household Managers Cost?

Depending on the duties, size of the home, and number of staff they manage the annual salaries of household managers in the U.S. can range between 50,000 - $100,000/year. The average yearly salary is $82,000. Often, meals and housing are included.

Why Hire a Household Manager?

Some families may find house managers as a useful addition to their child care and cleaning staff, especially if they’re working professionals. Since these individuals have additional levels of responsibility, possibly getting involved with finances and aspects of the family’s business, it’s important to screen and select these candidates selectively.

Should You Hire a Household Manager?

If you’re a parent who thought they had all the help they needed with their nanny, but still finds themselves unable to manage and control all of the household affairs, consider a household manager to fill the void.

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