Housekeepers, Sitters and a Healthy Home

October 16, 2013

We all want a healthy and safe home environment for ourselves and our families. We have educated ourselves about the potential hazards and have taken certain precautions to ensure that these hazards don't happen. But have you educated your housekeepers and sitters about these safeguards?

Here is a list of possible precautions that you may have in place to keep a healthy home- share them with your employees.

  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors…batteries must be checked regularly
  • whenever possible use green cleaning products
  • clear emergency plans-printed, discussed and understood
  • the use of filtered water (bottled water only if necessary)
  • leave shoes at the front door (have oil, animal waste etc. on soles)
  • non-skid slippers at front door for everyone
  • the use of cast iron skillets or 'green" pans for cooking to eliminate hazardous fumes
  • avoid the use of wrinkle-free sheets (perfluorochemicals), use cotton or linen if possible
  • replace light bulbs with regular incandescent low voltage bulbs-no florescent bulbs (mercury vapour)

It's one thing to be thoughtful and proactive about a healthy and safe home, but if you do not share your thinking and the safeguards you have put in place with the individuals looking after your home and your children, your vigilance and effort will be for nothing.

One essential skill for both employees and employers is frequent, informative and open communication. That way expectations on both sides are transparent and understood. The additional benefit is that good conversations about good plans create even better ones.

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