How Will Donald Trump Affect Child Care, Senior Care, Maternity Leave and Abortion?

November 23, 2016

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. He is also a member of the Republican party, which may mean drastic changes in domestic policy. Potentially, these changes will introduce tremendous benefits and for families.

Like millions of other Americans, you’re wondering, how these changes will affect you. What is Trump going to do with Obamacare? Child and elder care? How will working mothers be affected? What will happen in relation to laws regarding abortions?

What Replacing Obamacare Means for You

During a previous speech, the Mr. Trump outlined his vision for the first three months in the White House. There are some significant changes in relation to health care coverage.

  1. Obamacare (Affordable care act) will be replaced by a health savings account.
  2. Implement an affordable Childcare and Eldercare act.
This is why repealing and replacing Obamacare won’t be so easy

Since winning the election, Mr. Trump has indicated that he may surprisingly keep portions of Obamacare. This includes allowing children up the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s healthcare plan and the other was to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage based on certain conditions. This may be a necessity since making drastic changes to Obamacare will be extremely difficult.

In addition, Washington Post reporter Max Ehrenfreund reports that this may not happen as Trump has promised, saying the video above:

“A senior Republican source has confirmed to the Washington Post that the party doesn’t have a strategy for taking the law off the books.

The process will be a complicated one. That’s because Obamacare extended insurance to a large segment of the American public. Analyst project that simply repealing the law could leave upwards of 20 million people without health insurance, and that’s not a problem Republicans want on their hands…

Trump has said that he wants to preserve one of the law’s more popular provisions, which is a rule that prevents insurers from dropping patients who have pre-existing conditions. This rule is a costly one for the insurance industry because it forces companies to cover some patients who are very sick.

Under Obamacare, all Americans are required to buy insurance. Which gives insurance companies more healthy patients and helps to balance out the numbers. Trump, though, wants to eliminate that requirement. Insurance companies aren’t charities, Republicans will have to find a way to make the business profitable, otherwise, insurance policies simply won’t be available. In short, Trump has a lot of work to do.”

Trump’s Maternity Leave Promises

One of Mr. Trump’s campaign policies has been provisions that provide six weeks of paid leave for mothers. Although no strategy has been laid out for this provision, some argue that this plan isn’t fair because it excludes fathers and inadvertently encourages women to stay at home while men are at work. The amount hasn’t been determined as of yet, but Mr. Trump has indicated that the leave plan would consist of unemployment benefits at approximately $300 weekly.

Donald Trump’s Pro-Life Policy

It’s no secret that the president-elect has taken a pro-life policy towards abortion. What does this mean for millions of women in the United States? He has indicated that he will appoint pro-life judges and that the decision on abortion will be decided on by the state, which will drastically change current abortion policies.

Trump’s Senior Care and Child Care Proposed Tax Deductions

Before he won the recent presidential election, Mr. Trump shared his views on Child and Eldercare in the video above saying:

“The first part of my childcare plan allows for every parent, or family in America, including adoptive parents, parent guardians to deduct their child care expenses from their income taxes… they will fully be able to deduct the average cost of childcare for their state, from birth through the age of thirteen… our plan will bring relief to working and middle-class families. The deduction also applies to eldercare, capped at $5,000 deduction per year.”


Currently, Mr. Trump has provided no long-term strategy for implementing some of these changes. He will be the president and this means that many of these policies will go into effect within the next few months. Families and mothers who do don’t support Trump’s political agenda may be comforted with the implementation of a paid maternity leave program. The average American child care center cost more than college; therefore, Americans will also benefit from tax deductible childcare cost.

While there seems to be a tremendous amount of concern about the new president, it does appear based on campaign promises that there will be beneficial changes for the American family. How the new president intends on implementing these changes for good remains to be seen.

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