How to Become a Successful Babysitter in 2019

June 20, 2019

In 2019, we’re living deep in the information age with communication and technology always available at our fingertips. Although many of us were told growing up not to speak to strangers online, these days networking and growing your business would be nearly impossible without it. Within seconds you can contact skilled professionals, as well as babysitting services for when you and your partner need a date night.

However, many parents are uneasy with the idea of connecting with a babysitter online. In this article, we’ll discuss three essentials to becoming a trustworthy and successful babysitter.

#1: Is Babysitting Right for You?

Babysitting can be a very fulfilling job. However, it goes without saying that it’s a huge responsibility, and if you don’t like children this will show in the quality of your work. Young children need attention all the time and you need to be prepared to watch them, feed them, play with them, and answer a myriad of questions. Not to mention the possibility of diaper changing and tantrums. Not everyone is cut out for it, so before you start your business it’s advisable to do some self-examination.

Many babysitters have found childcare to be their calling because it allows them to stay in touch with your inner child and make a difference in children’s lives. Every day is playtime, a new adventure. You may also be in high demand if you speak another language or can offer to tutor or coach various skills. These are all things that you would want to add to your online profile on Loving your job and staying passionate about it is the best way to make your business a success.

#2: Earn Trust

Now that you’re committed to making a success of your babysitting business, there are a few ways to grow your skills and even get certified.

  • It’s advisable for youths to take a babysitting course. They are often offered to youths from ages 11 to 14 and cover meal planning, responsibilities, and practice.

  • All babysitters can enhance their credentials with First aid and CPR classes. Check out your local Red Cross office, YMCA, hospital, or school to find classes. This will not only give you certification, but the confidence to handle any kind of emergency that may come your way.

  • Learn about childhood development. This will go a long way in helping you to become a successful babysitter. You can do this by spending time around children and/or reading about physical and mental development in children.

Now that you’ve developed some skills and parents can put their uneasiness to bed, how do you tell the world about it?

#3: Promote Yourself Online

On, there are two simple ways to get matched with families in your neighbourhood. After setting up your profile, you can apply for jobs posted by parents, or you can wait for parents to come to you.

While setting up your profile, you can post a personal description, along with your rate, availability, services, experience, and qualifications. You can tailor your profile to include a wide range of responsibilities from housekeeping to running errands, from arts and crafts to pet care. Instead of leaving it to chance, this simple yet innovative system allows babysitters and parents to find the perfect match, and hopefully form lifelong bonds.

Be sure to add all relevant courses, certifications or skills to your profile, and let your personality shine through.


In 2019, with so many opportunities to connect, network, and join communities online, if you don’t take advantage of them you’re missing out! This is why to get your babysitting business started on the right foot, a trustworthy platform is necessary. allows you to take advantage of the large community of parents and babysitters in your area while allowing safe communication and protecting your identity with our propitiatory TELESAFE system.

Finding jobs through friends and family can be a good way to dip your toes into child care. But if you’re a babysitter who loves what you do and wants to grow your career, dive into the vast sea of opportunities found online.

This is a guest post written by Jasmine Sawatzky.