How to Find a Nanny to Help You Get The Most Out of Your Summer!

June 17, 2016

June 20th is the first day of Summer. Many kids are already out of school. Are you ready? Have you found summer child care yet? Looking for a summer nanny can be stressful and difficult especially if you have waited until the last minute. A summer nanny can be an excellent and affordable help for you and your children! The kids will be able to enjoy the outdoors and do fun activities while working parents can actually focus on their jobs and enjoy their summer knowing the kids are in good hands.

Here are some tips from’s child care expert Martha Scully to help you find the perfect summer nanny

1. Start Early!

Nannies and babysitters start looking for summer employment early- think April or May. Neighbours, friends, community centers, college job posting boards and nanny websites are a great way to find a summer nanny. has thousands of caregivers that specifically register to find summer work.

2. Qualifications to Look For

Do you need a nanny that can swim? Do you want your children to have a blast with a university student babysitter? Or do you really want a clean home with a meal prepared every day from an older more experienced sitter? Again a site like will allow you to look at detailed nanny profiles but be sure to discuss the qualifications you require in an interview prior to hiring a nanny or sitter.

3. Trial period

Ensure your hire is a good fit for your family— insist on a trial run. Don’t feel like this is too much to ask. A day or two should be enough. Do your best not to hover but be close or at the very least get feedback from the children after the trial. It’s also worthwhile to get feedback from the nanny herself. It will be better for everyone if she feels the job is a good fit for her as well.

4. Vacation Plans

Be sure to discuss this during the interview process. Ideally, you and the nanny would take vacations at the same time but you’ll need to determine if the nanny is expecting to be paid for that time. This is especially important if you have several weeks planned. Some parents resolve this by having the nanny come with them on holiday— an added bonus is this a great way to give you a little more freedom during your time off. Typically families will pay the nannies expenses if they vacation with you. Also, if you have hired a university student, you may want to ask when they will be going back to school for the fall term. You’ll want to make sure you are covered right up until your children’s school or other fall child care kicks in.

5. Plan events and activities

Summers are typically filled with all sorts of fun events and activities geared for kids. Look into summer events in the community that the nanny can take the children to. Remember, if it involves your children, you should be paying all travel, meals, and other expenses related to any activities. When the summer is over, be sure to keep in touch with your summer nanny. They may be able to help as an occasional sitter and of course come back for the following summer.

Ready to have a nanny help you get more out of the summer? You have all the tips but still don’t have a summer nanny? Start your search on