How to Get a Great Babysitter for Valentine's Day

February 2, 2016

Valentine’s Day is coming. You and your partner would love to sneak away for a few hours of quality time on this romantic day but you’ve got young children and you don’t have a babysitter. Here are 4 quick tips on getting a great babysitter lined up for Valentine's Day!

Search Early
If you don’t already have someone in mind, you will need to begin your search immediately. Post a babysitting jobwith as much detail as possible of what your needs are and what rate you are willing to pay.

Babysitter Share
Individuals that provide babysitting service often are willing to care for more than one child at at time. If you have a friend that already has a sitter, consider approaching them about sharing their babysitter and sharing the cost. It’s a win - win you both save money and the kids get a fun play date!

Start the Night Early
Your babysitter may have her own special plans; consider starting your night earlier. If you can be back for 7:30pm, she will have enough time for her own special night.

Pay Extra
There are two nights per year that babysitting ratesare higher. The first is New Year's' Eve and the second is Valentine's Day. Because babysitters are in high demand on Valentine’s day be prepared to pay at least 30% more than any normal night for babysitting.

Child Care Options to Help You Get Out More Often!
Going out for a special night with your spouse shouldn’t be just once a year. It’s great for you and your family! Try to make it out on the town at least once a month! Having a babysitter on call that you can trust is key to enjoying these special date nights. Find a babysitterin our massive database of local sitters, nannies and child care workers looking for jobs or post a free babysitter job so qualified babysitters can come to you.