How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

August 3, 2015

Summer brain drain. You know the symptoms. Children become zombie-like without any poisonous bites or widespread infection. Can a child go through from June to September while retaining his/her mental capacities? We’ve thought of a few things you can do to avoid or lessen summer brain drain at any stage.

The first thing is to add structure to your child’s day. Without school, it is so easy for children to sleep in and do nothing for a day, and this becomes a cycle that is harder to stop as it progresses. You can add structure in very easy ways; simple things like designating a reasonable time to get up and eat meals is already a step towards wasting away with summer brain drain.

Planning to do activities ahead of time also works in motivating children to keep some structure during their summer break and filling their days with stimulating activities.

Another thing that you can do is plan activities with your kids that will get them away from monitors and consoles. Check the Internet for the dates for child-friendly festivals and days where your local museum holds activities for children.

Another great place for temporary distraction is the library. In the summer, many libraries hold reading contests and activities focused on arts and crafts for children of all reading levels. Keeping the mind busy (and out of the house) is a great way to stimulate children while giving your child the enjoyment they expect when they are out of school.

Lastly, fresh air and exercise can do wonders in helping to prevent summer brain drain. Though some children might be more inclined to go outside and spend time in the sun, some take a little more coaxing out of the house. Going to playgrounds and for walks are great options for all children. The fresh air and exercise during the day promotes better sleep at night. A well-rested child will be immune to any summer brain drain.

Remember, these are just a few ideas so get creative and make sure you help keep your child’s minds and bodies active so they will be ready for September and lots of new learning!