Is it Spring Yet?

April 16, 2013

The calendar says it is so; the robins are here; and the tulips are trying to push up through the residual piles of snow.

But the reality is that within the last week we have had snow, ice and below freezing temperatures.

Enough already. Those of us who live in the northern United States or in Canada expect all of these things, but we have our limits! It's the middle of April!

All parents have their longings:

  • a break from snowsuits, mitts and hats
  • possibly a week without someone in the family suffering through a cold
  • the feel of warm sunshine on our faces
  • the trees looking fuzzy and less stark
  • the parks and playgrounds fully functional and not muddy
  • the re-emergence of bikes, trikes, scooters and wagons
  • opening the windows in the house and feeling the fresh air streaming in
  • getting the sheets off the clothesline unfrozen
  • the kids playing ball hockey on the street and soccer in the park
  • the joy of seeing the winter pall disappearing from the faces of friends and family

We've all said it before, but this year I MEAN IT! When the thermometer climbs into the 80's (30's) this summer, you will not hear one complaint from me. Bring it on...