Live-in Nanny: Job Description, Requirements & Expectations

October 29, 2016

As a busy parent, you can lessen your daily responsibilities by hiring a live-in nanny. A qualified nanny takes care of many of your duties so that you have more quality time to spend with your children. On the other hand, if you are looking for a rewarding job that offers advantages, such as free or low-cost rent and groceries, and the ability to shape children’s lives in a positive manner, then being a live-in nanny may be the right occupation for you. Nannies often become beloved members of the family and this is rewarding for both the family and the caregiver. Below are the basic qualifications and responsibilities that you can expect when hiring or becoming a live-in nanny.

Basic Qualifications

Experience Caring for Children

The most important qualification for a live-in nanny is that you have experience caring for children — from infancy to adolescence — and that you enjoy it. Character traits such as patience, reliability and the ability to multitask are essential.

Physically Able to Lift/Carry Children

You should be able to lift and carry small children without difficulty. Toddlers and infants need to held often and picked up or carried when necessary.

Language Skills

You will need to be able to clearly communicate with parents and children; therefore, you must be able write and speak the language of the family you would be working for which is typically English.

CPR & First Aid

Another critical qualification for you to have is CPR training and to know basic first aid. Hopefully, you will only have to take care of the small cuts and scrapes that happen to all children, but it is mandatory that you know what to do in an emergency.


Provide a Safe, Loving, and Stimulating Environment for the Children

There is no other responsibility that is more important for a nanny then for you to provide a safe and loving environment for the children. This environment should also be stimulating and filled with play that is both educational and silly at times. The children must be able to play inside and outside daily while you carefully supervise them.

Responsible Child Care

Includes dressing the children and teaching them to dress themselves, diapering and toilet training. Grooming, bathing, brushing hair and providing the children overall goals in hygiene.

Meal Preparation

Caring for youngsters includes preparing their meals and feeding them, depending upon their ages. In some homes, you will be expected to prepare meals for the parents as well. Diapering and potty training toddlers and infants will also be part of your duties if the parents have babies. The children must be bathed, groomed and dressed in an appropriate manner. As the children grow older, you will teach them to do these things for themselves.


Often, not always, a live-in nanny also assumes the role of chauffeur for the children, as you will be expected to take them to social functions, such as birthday parties, sports and other group lessons. The parents will often organize playdates with other children their age and you will drive them there and supervise. Outings to the park and other child-friendly areas are expected as well.

Caring for Sick Children

Your nanny duties include caring for sick children, and you must use safe practices to ensure that the illness doesn’t spread to the other youngsters in the home.

Light Housekeeping

As a nanny, you will be expected to do light housekeeping where the children are concerned. This includes keeping their rooms clean and tidy, doing the children’s laundry and cleaning up the kitchen after meals. Heavier housekeeping duties may be necessary depending on the preferences of the parents.

The parents are the employers; therefore, you must consult with them about their child-rearing rules and the ways to discipline a child who doesn’t follow them.


A live-in nanny lends a helping hand to busy parents, particularly those with an infant in the home. Knowing that your children’s care and well-being is in capable, loving hands can greatly reduce your stress level. Being a live-in nanny has its perks as well, because you get to nurture and love the children while helping to guide their futures. As a result, you get to help shape the future of the world we live in.

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