10 Certifications to Make You a Better Nanny & Earn Higher Wages

July 14, 2016

Six figure salary. High priced apartment. Bonus. No, this isn’t the income of a doctor or attorney, believe it or not, according to The NY Times article “The Best Nanny Money Can Buy”, these are some of the perks of being one of the best nannies in New York City.

Qualified nannies are in high demand and as more people take the profession seriously, nannies and families who employ them will need standards to judge their level of competency and professionalism.

Nannies are more than glorified babysitters and new nannies should consider getting credentials to show that they’re serious about the profession.

Let’s take a look at some certifications to help you identify as a professional and earn higher wages

1. INA Basic Skills Assessment

A basic multiple choice test provided by the International Nanny Association. Shows basic competency in health, safety, nutrition and child development.

More information: INA Basic Skills Assessment

2.INA Nanny Credential Exam

This advanced test also provided by the International Nanny Association requires a year of experience. The exam proves competency in child development, family communication, guidance, multicultural awareness, safety, management, and nutrition.

More information: INA Nanny Credential Exam

3. Newborn Care Basics

Excellent for nannies who want to specialize in the care of newborn infants. The Newborn Care Training Academy offers this course that covers basic care such as circumcision care, common mistakes, diaper changing, bath safety tips, sponge and womb bathing and how to properly hold a baby. In additon, the curriculum goes over issues related to feeding, sleep, and ailments.

More information: NewBorn Care Basics Curriculum


Certification granted by ProfessionalNanny.com; internationally recognized. Offers grants to nannies that pass the certification. According to the website, you can receive college credit for this course.

More information: ProfessionalNanny.com Certified Nanny

5. Professional Nanny Program

Diploma offered by Sullivan University. Focuses on child development, nutrition, safety, special needs children, CPR, water safety, planning, organizing parties and trips and communication with parents.

More information: Sullivan University Professional Nanny Program

6. Infant and Child Care Specialist

Online certification offered by the Infant and Child Care Training Academy. Those who pass the exam are awarded the Infant Care and Child Care Specialist Certification.

More information: ICT Academy

7. Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification

A seven-week online course through Nanny U, focuses on issues related to discipline. Uses Positive Discipline methodology.

More Information: MyNannyUniversity.com

8. Child Care Training Online

This certification is offered by the International Career Institute. Focused on individuals who are interested in entering the profession. Offers three levels of completion: Certificate, Diploma, and the Advanced Diploma.

More information: The International Career Insitute

9. Baby Sitting and Child Care Training

Online course offered by the Red Cross; digital certificate valid for two years. Their website claims that this course “will prepare you to be the best sitter in your neighborhood… 8 in 10 surveyed parents said they would pay more for a trained babysitter who holds Red Cross babysitter certifications”

More information: American Red Cross Babysitting & Child Care Training

10. Certified Professional Governess or Certified Professional Nanny

Offered by the internationally recognized English Nanny and Governess School, recognized by the American Council of Nanny Schools. Focuses on making well-rounded nannies, developing physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.

More information: The English Nanny & Governess School

Take Your Nanny Career to the Next Level

If you are interested in improving your child care skills, earning a higher wage, identifying yourself as a professional and taking your nanny career to the next level.

You should consider taking some of these nanny certifications.

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