On-the-Job Texting

January 4, 2016

Can you think of very many people that don't have a smartphone, and uses it to text with friends and family? It's so common, that we're seeing more and more families and babysitters correspond primarily through text messages. This is much different than it was just a few years ago. 

Considering that you might text your babysitter to book her for an evening of babysitting, and expect that she'll get back to you in a timely manner, what type of rules do you put in place around texting while on the job? If you expect that she won't use her phone at all, it can be hard to keep track and she may do it anyway. Alternatively, you can set up some guidelines around cell phone usage while she is caring for your children. This would be especially helpful if you want to be able to touch bases with her through the day, or want to allow her to contact you in case something comes up while she is caring for your children.

If she using her phone a lot because she lacks adult contact, we recommend that she connects with other nannies in the neighbourhood, or finding a playgroup or other type of class for her to attend. Its important that she is happy and stimulated during the day, so she can provide the best level of care to your children.