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May 14, 2012 is your all-in-one source for hiring any type of sitter. Whether you need a baby sitter, pet sitter, house sitter or nanny, you can find the perfect sitter on this site! There are 2 ways to find your future sitter: browse available sitters, or let the sitters come to you, and post a job opening.

Browsing the available sitter listings can give you an easy look into the current market. Start by selecting the listing type and your location in the Sitter Search box on For example, you could narrow the search down to a Pet Sitter in New York. Take a look at the applicants listed and then narrow it down further by city.

If you have a specific need in mind such as hiring a pet sitter for your horse while you are out of town for the weekend, you are likely better off posting a job listing. Job postings are a simple and effective way of getting applicants that are appropriate to your needs.

Alternatives to

Another resource you can use to find sitters that live around your local area is your local newspaper. Like, you can both post advertisements or look for applications in the paper.

Another common method of finding sitters is via sitter agencies. Agencies will do the necessary background checks for you.

Why is easy, simple, and best of all- free. You can freely use any part of the site without spending a cent. Posting newspaper advertisements and calling up sitter agencies is costly.

In the time it takes to open up your newspaper or go to a job board, skim through the listings and contact a sitter for an interview, you could have merely clicked on and found potential applicants from our listings.

While a sitter agency may look attractive, they also charge a fee. A sitter agency is a business, and in order to stay profitable, they charge in addition to the sitter’s rate and take a percentage of your sitter’s wages. On, you don’t need a middleman to find you a sitter. It’s as easy as viewing our job board.