Parenting & Child Care News Round-Up - July 26, 2016

July 26, 2016

July 26th, 2016: A look at the day’s top parenting stories brought to you by

Includes news about the Democratic National Convention, parenting lessons from the Dutch, helping single parent families, delaying pregnancy to avoid Zika, dating advice for feminists and Pokemon Go safety tips.

Everybody’s talking about Michelle Obama’s Speech at the 2106 DNC - Watch the full speech below and read the entire transcript on the

Hillary’s Team Seeks Balance: Celebrating Women Without Alienating Men - the article mentions that although it is the first time a woman has won the DNC nomination, she doesn’t want to alienate male voters.

Parenting lessons I learned from raising kids overseas - A article shares parenting tips from the Dutch. What can American parents learn?

Parenting: Nurture family with a village of support - A Rochester, NY nonprofit organization wants to address the problem of single parent families based on the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. — Democrat and Chronicle

Does Delaying Pregnancy Help Fight the Zika Outbreak? — reports that many countries are recommending that parents postpone pregnancies for several months in order to avoid Zika outbreaks.

8 Things a Feminist Does During Their First Year of Dating Dating — A article provides dating advice for a feminist.

Improvement in Child Behavior Linked to Better Mother-Father Relationship — A article reports that a child’s behavior is based on the relationship of the mother and father.

Bernie Sanders Supports Hillary — Watch Bernie Sanders speak at the Democratic National Convention and receive boos while stating his support for Hillary Clinton. —

Should You Become Friends With Your Nanny? — a dive into the sensitive issue of relationship boundaries with your nanny.

PokeMon Go and Your Child’s Safety — a look at safety tips for your child while playing the popular smartphone game.

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