The Weeks Top Parenting & Child Care News You May Have Missed - July 29th, 2016

July 29, 2016

July 25 - 29th, 2016: This weeks Child care & Parenting News you may have missed.

Single And Still Connected To article provides suggestions for single women to keep a connection to their family members.

10 Things Not To Say To A Mom Who Puts Her Kids In Daycare — Think before you judge a mother who decided to use daycare. article mentions that mothers are frequently inundated by discouraging questions and comments.

Why Sick Kids Are Causing A Childcare Nightmare — Childcare workers are fed up! Keep your sick kids at home. article reports that sick children are bad for everyone at the childcare center.

Holding Up Half The Sky: Women Speak Out On The Status Of Feminism In highlights that progress has been made in regards to equality for women in China. Many new laws have passed but much work remains.

Hillary Clinton’s Feminist Triumph — Hillary Clinton made history by winning the presidential nomination, but is she a champion for women and their struggle for equality? —

The Real Reason Modern Marriages End — According to a article discusses a US research that shows that couples are more likely to divorce when the man does not work full-time.

Hillary Clinton Is Pushing The Radical Platform That Mothers Are The Most Powerful Leaders In The World - article highlights that Hillary Clinton has all of the qualities which will enable her to be a great American leader.

How To Determine What to Pay Your Babysitter? — helps you figure out how much you should be paying your sitter.

Why Are BabySitting Certifications So Important? — child care expert, Martha Scully, breaks down the benefits of babysitting certifications for you and your sitter.

How to Write The Most Effective Listing on Nanny Websites — The Customer Support Manager at Canada’s largest online self-serve nanny service explains how to write nanny job descriptions that attract the most attention from the best candidates.

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