Protect Your Child - Get a Background Check!

May 7, 2012

Nannies have much more responsibility and much more access to your children than babysitters; they not only watch over your child while you are at work or at a dinner party, but also provide many other childcare needs. They are in essence like a second mother and have significant influence on your child’s development both physically and emotionally.

How does a background check protect my child?

Background checks are thorough documents examining several critical features about your future nanny that can help you determine which nanny is appropriate for you and your child. Some common inclusions are:

  • Criminal History
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Credit History
  • Moving Violations
  • Drug Testing
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Identity verification (Date of Birth, SIN, Addresses)
  • and more...

While knowing every detail of your potential nanny’s past may be excessive and unnecessary, various details can be essential in helping you make a wise and informed decision.

What information in a Background Check is Most Important?

  1. Criminal History

    Knowing the criminal history of your nanny is, undeniably, the most significant part of a background check. If your nanny has charges such as sex offences, breaking and entering, theft, vandalism, or other items of that magnitude, this is no one you want near your child.

    As nannies often act as house sitters while they are taking care of your child, you must feel 100% certain that the person you have hired is an honest, loving and dependable choice. It is one of the most difficult decisions that parents have to make.

  2. Moving Violations

    Depending on what duties your nanny will perform, checking into their driving record may be essential. If your nanny is picking your child up from school, taking them to and from band practice, or using your vehicle to pick up art supplies for your child’s school projects, having an excellent driving record is absolutely necessary to ensure your child’s safety.

  3. Education and Employment History

    Nannies often help children with homework, study for exams, or learn other languages. The more education your nanny has, the more likely it is that they will be able to assist your child.

    Keep in mind though that having a higher level of education is only one quality of a good nanny, and not the most important one. Empathy, gentleness, responsibility and professionalism are much more desirable: education is a bonus.

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