Recognize Your Special Nanny

April 29, 2015

The impact of a special nanny on your family is felt every day in so many ways, both large and small. Those extra hugs when someone is not having a good day, creative indoor play on a rainy day, arriving early when needed, being a constant loving presence --all of these things make a huge difference in the functioning of busy home.

But beyond a fairsalary, how can you recognize your nanny in a way that shows her that you notice and appreciate everything she does?

Ways to Recognize Your Nanny:

  1. As she is probably just like a member of the family, treat her as such always, especially on holidays and special occasions. Recognize birthdays, religious holidays and so on with gifts and other surprises. Sometimes the gifts will be tangible-- purchased, or made by the children and sometimes you will recognize her with something intangible--sincere praise, time off work and so on.

  2. Don't forget a gift during National Nanny Recognition Week, in September.

  3. Always be thinking of ways to enrich your nanny's life by including "extras" in her contract. Things such as swimming lessons are much appreciated.

  4. Random acts of kindness, doing something special for someone when they are least expecting it are a great way to make a person feel loved. Some ideas include:

  5. gift certificates for anything from iTunes, dinner to stores
  6. tickets to anything--theatre, concerts, movies etc.
  7. season tickets to art galleries etc.--be aware of your nanny's hobbies, likes/dislikes
  8. any spa service
  9. mugs, shirts, photo books that include pictures of the family and the nanny
  10. favourite foods, flowers--given at the end of the day to take home
  11. travel voucher for train or plane or a gas card
  12. cash bonus
  13. a subscription to a magazine you know she will love

Whatever you chose to do, it will be appreciated and will definitely have a positive effect on an already solid relationship. Good people do not work hard and go the extra mile for recognition, especially when working with children. They do it because they love the children and care about the family. But everyone needs to feel appreciation and it can only make a strong relationship stronger.

Daily awareness of a job well done and the appropriate response of positive purposeful praise, combined with some of the ideas for recognition mentioned above, is the best way to ensure that your nanny is happy and content in your employment.