Surefire Tips to Find a Perfect Sitter/Nanny Online

May 10, 2013

The search is on! One of the most important searches you will ever begin, that of finding just the perfect caregiver for your child.Your search begins online with You want to write a great listing, one that will attract excellent candidates, from which you can pick the one that matches your needs.

How do you do this successfully?


  • Really be clear and definite in your own mind as to the criteria for your search. You need to write down your wish list, then prioritize what is important to feature. Too long a list of requirements, while they may be what you want, can be intimidating. Details can emerge with further communication.
  • Think of what 'perks' you can afford and offer to potential employees to make your listing more attractive. This would include things such as a gym membership, swimming lessons, academic upgrading, possible family vacations and so on.
  • Chose your language describing the details of employment carefully. Highlight positive aspects of your children, your home and you, the employers.
  • For example, which of the following two listings would attract you?
  • #1 Nanny required for three children, full time, live out. References required.
  • #2 Nanny needed for three energetic but well behaved children in a well maintained home. We are pleasant and appreciative employers who would need your help full time with a live out situation if possible. We look forward to reading your references.
  • The tone of your listing needs to be inviting and not too rigid. If everything says,' Must have…", then applicants may be intimidated to apply. Some of the must have's can be easily acquired by an eager, enthusiastic applicant while they are employed.
  • Potential new employees are always interested in their salary. If you are able to include a positive or promising statement regarding this it would be a plus.
  • There are two very appealing words that potential employees are attracted to in a listing: 'negotiable' and 'open and good' communication. If you feel that you can use these in your listing in some context that would be great.
  • As well, the conclusion of your listing should be friendly and inviting. "We look forward to hearing from you, learning about you and the possibility of a wonderful new working partnership."

Research has proven time and time again that more jobs are gained and lost because of social (interpersonal) skills than anything else. If you present your honest, pleasant and fair side in your listing, showing your family as the fun and lovely people that you are, you will attract people in kind: applicants that are looking to work hard in a great environment where, after a time, they can really feel part of the family.