3 Tips Moms Returning to School Should Know

August 15, 2016

You did it. After raising a child or several children, you’re ready to focus and your career and academic aspirations. For years, you’ve contemplated returning to school and possibly finishing your bachelors or obtaining your masters. You made the decision, you’re going to do it. However, like anyone else, you have your reservations, are you too old? Will it be a waste of time? Are there any benefits or programs for parents or specifically mothers who decide to return to school?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some benefits, programs, and services allocated for moms who decide to return to college.

In the Makers video above molecular biologist, Lydia Villa-Komaroff, speaks on the difficulties her mother faced when she decided to return to school. This story should encourage and inspire you.

“She couldn’t do math, but she went back to school to get a masters degree and it required that she take statistics, it also required that she go to Louisiana and live in a dorm for 4 or 5 months, and she did it… that was tremendously influential to show me that you could do things that were hard, things that were unusual and that it was a good thing to do.”

That experience should help you to appreciate that returning to college won’t be easy, however, you’ll be an inspiration to yourself, your children and your spouse.

Here are 3 Tips for Moms Going Back To School

1. Online Courses

Start by enrolling in an online course. Online education has become a practical option for mothers who return to school, but also for working professionals. By starting out with one or two classes, you can keep your workload low, and gradually adjust to the schedule. Mothers should worry about their major after they’ve enrolled. Initially, they’ll have to focus on prerequisite courses while adjusting to their new schedule. The flexibility of going to school online provides the opportunity to still maintain a household.

2. Financial Aid

Seek Financial Aid Designated Back To School Moms. Returning to college isn’t easy for mothers, that’s why the U.S. government has allocated grants and scholarships for you. For a list of the variety of scholarships you may be eligible for check out:

3. Get Inspired By Other Mothers

You’re not alone. There are plenty of mothers who’ve returned to college and had successful careers afterward. According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau data, women’s enrollment in higher education institutions has almost doubled, to nearly 12 million, since the 1980s. And the American Association of University Women says that over 60% of online students are female.

Famous mothers who have gone back to school include: - Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling - Supermodel, Christy Turlington - The 60’s fastest women alive, US Olympic Gold medalist Wilma Rudolph - The first woman CEO of a Furtune-20 company, Carly Fiorina

Read more: 8 Famous Women Who Went Back To School - StraighterLine

For stories of some everyday mothers who returned to college and either reinvented or furthered their careers check out Back to School (Yes, We Mean You) via WorkingMother.com.


Will it be easy? No. Is it doable? Absolutely. Other mothers have been able to do it and hopefully some of the suggestions in this article will assist you on your journey.

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