Tips for Writing an Effective Listing

April 22, 2013

The listing you post to find employment is like a condensed resume--it portrays a picture of you-- your training and skills, your personality and a clear description of the employment that you seek. A well written listing can be a powerful tool in helping you find a good job.

So what can you do to make your listing stand out from the others? Sometimes it is just something small that can put you out in front.


When you sit down to type your listing, do it with confidence. No matter what age or stage you are at, you have something special to offer. Do not be intimidated by any other listings that you have read. There is a good fit for your skills out there.

Before beginning, you need to do some thinking and planning : what are your strongest points? Do they involve your experience, skills, references, availability, personality traits…

Next, much like writing a good persuasive essay, in what order will you present your data, remembering that your strongest points usually begin and end your description?

Your choice of words can also make a huge difference in the impact you make on the reader, especially since listings are short and to the point.

Here is an example of how your choice of words, especially the verbs(action) words can make a big difference:

Example 1:

I have ECE training and also took first aid training while I was still in school. I want to do a good job.

Example 2:

I achieved excellent qualifications for a childcare worker by combining school studies while achieving my qualifications in ECE and first aid. This demonstrates my commitment to quality care.

Notice the power of the verbs 'achieved', 'combining', 'demonstrates', as opposed to 'have', 'took', and 'want'.

Your headline needs to make people want to read on. This is where adjectives(describing words) can really be effective.

Again, look at the examples below:

Example 1:

Babysitter Available

Example 2:

Experienced and Highly Recommended Babysitter Available

Finding employment, whether it is full or part time, takes patience and some thoughtful planning. Let future employers know what a great hire you would be by writing a dynamic listing. This is your first essential step.

At we will support your search by sending you helpful emails and proofreading your listings. That job your are looking for is out there…now go and get it!