Top Parenting News: How our Modern Obsession with Pregnancy is Just Another Attempt to Control Women’s Bodies & 8 Others Stories

August 19, 2016

August 19, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by, including the story of why American women are having fewer babies than ever and how our modern obsession with pregnancy is just another attempt to control women’s bodies.

photo: Ali Wong from her Netflix comedy special “Baby Cobra”

Honey, I Shrunk The Budget: How The Child Care Non-System Hurts Families — The majority of parents in America can’t afford childcare. The U.S. government is making changes in policy to assist parents. —

Zooming Child-Care Cost Spawn More Trump, Clinton Positioning — Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both offer suggestions to address the problem of rising healthcare costs. —

Why American Women Are Having Fewer Babies Than Ever — American women are delaying motherhood for several reasons. According to this includes feminism, careers, childcare cost and a bad maternity leave program.

What Every Aspiring Female CEO Can Learn From Hillary Clinton — If Hillary Clinton becomes president, it will encourage women around the world. looks at ways Clinton’s presidency could impact women globally.

Our Modern Obsession With Pregnancy Is Just Another Attempt To Control Women’s Bodies — Are we judging and heavily scrutinizing pregnant women? looks at the way we put too much pressure on future mothers.

Today’s Women Are Decision-Makers and Breadwinners — An article points out that modern women control consumer purchasing. Should companies change their marketing strategies to avoid gender stereotypes?

How Successful Business Women Are Redefining Modern Feminism — American culture is evolving. The first female president could signify positive and lasting change. Forbes takes a look at how Hillary Clinton is leading the charge.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Pediatrician — Newborn parents have plenty of questions when it comes to choosing a doctor for their children. provides some invaluable pointers to help you make the selection.

3 Tips Moms Returning To School Should Know — Many mothers return their focus to their careers after they’ve started a family. This may require that they return to school. takes a look at some points to help them.

Choosing Baby Formula? Here’s What You Need to Know — Doctors recommend breastfeeding but in reality, 80% of all mothers will use formula at some point during their baby’s first year, especially working mothers. takes a look at the benefits, and costs of different baby formulas in addition to some shopping tips in order to help mothers who choose to use formula.

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