Co-working Spaces for Mompreneurs with Child Care: Why Didn't Anybody Think of This Sooner? -This Weeks Parenting News Roundup

October 7, 2016

October 7, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by, including stories about co-working spaces with child designed for mompreneurs, have republicans changed their views on working moms, are kids being misdiagnosed with ADHD how family time at home strengthens the family bond, how older woman are having the best sex of their lives and why expecting mothers should avoid carbonated drinks.

For Mompreneurs, A Co-working Space With Child Care Hits Sweet Spot

— Co-working spaces designed for mothers are popping up in locations like Toronto, New York City, London and San Francisco. These locations allow mothers to network and give each other the support they need. — The Globe and Mail

How Republican Politicians Learned To Love ‘Working Mothers’

— Has the Republican party changed their views and tune towards working moms? Is there promise of six weeks of maternity leave and child care doable? Or is this all a sales pitch for the upcoming election? — New York Times

10 Tips For Hosting A Stress-free & Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

A Canadian Nanny article takes a look at some excellent tips that will help thanksgiving dinner successful for you and your family.

Want To Strengthen Family Bond? Spend Quality Time At Home

— Studies prove that time at home strengthens individuals and the family unit. This time allows or provides instances to resolve grievances and settle conflicts. — ET Panache

ADHD: Fact or Fiction? Are Millions Of Kids Misdiagnosed?

— Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist Alan Schwarz, the author of ADHD NATION, takes on American pharmaceuticals. During an interview with, he revealed that statistical information proves that millions of children have been misdiagnosed.

Does Sex Get Better Or Worse With Age? Older Women With Positive Body Image Find Sex Life Gets Better With Age, Despite Low Libido

— New research presented at the annual meeting of The North American Menopause Society found that older women were experiencing the best sex of their lives. Women interviewed during the study, ages 45 - 60 said they were experiencing the best sex of their lives. — Medical Daily

Dr. K: Avoid Drinking Diet Sodas During Pregnancy

— According to research, mothers who habitually consume soft drinks and sodas are contributing towards their child’s obesity. Expecting mothers are advised to skip carbonated drinks and go for lemonade. — Tulsa World

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