Top Parenting News: Ivanka Trump Presses Congress on Child Care; The One State with Affordable Child Care; Zika Outbreak In Texas and More!

December 16, 2016

Ivanka Trump presses congress on child care; how Trump will affect national healthcare; a Zika outbreak in Texas; child care is unaffordable in every U.S. State except this one; myths about menopause; and why Zika is so dangerous for pregnant mothers in weekly Blog parenting and child care news roundup.

Ivanka Trump to Congress: Get the ball rolling on child care legislation

Ivanka Trump has been actively working with members of congress since her father won the election. reports that she will have a strong role in the administration and actively work on child care legislation.

Child Care Is Unaffordable in Every U.S. State Except This One

A article takes a look at nationwide statistics for child care for infants and toddlers. The one state where childcare is affordable is Louisiana.

What impact president-elect Donald Trump will have on the US Healthcare System

Pharmaceutical Journal takes a look at Trump’s Affordable Care Act and compares it to Obamacare.

Here Are Some Myths About Menopause That You Should Know

Think you know what menopause is and isn’t? Unless you’re a medical professional, a article challenges readers while taking a look at some common myths.

Why Zika Is So Dangerous During Pregnancy takes a look at the Zika virus and how it is affecting mothers and babies beyond the birth defects associated with microcephaly.

CDC Warns Against Travel to Texas City After Spread of Zika

ABC News reports several cases of the Zika virus in Brownsville, Texas which is on the Mexico border. Pregnant women are advised to stay clear of this area.

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