Top Parenting News: Best Parenting Photos of 2016, Suggestions for Trump's Paid Maternity Plan, Handling ADHD Over the Holidays and More!

December 23, 2016

Tips on how to keep children with ADHD calm during the holidays; suggestions for Trump’s paid maternity leave plan; the best parenting photos of 2016; fitness tips for women as they near menopause; how do women’s brains change after pregnancy and more in this weeks parenting and child care news roundup brought to you by The Sitter Blog.

5 Ways To Keep Your Child With ADHD Calm This Festive Season

The festive atmosphere of the holidays can excite a child with ADHD. How might you help them stay calm? Health24 takes a look at some useful suggestions.

The Most Memorable Parenting Photos of 2016

Dailymail takes a look at some of the best heartbreaking and heartwarming family related images of the year.

If Trump Is Serious About His Child Care Proposals — Which Are Good — He Needs To Do A Few Things

A NYTimes article takes a look at Trump’s plan for paid maternity leave and offers some additional suggestions to make it effective.

Tips For Women Determined To Stay Fit and Energized, No Matter Their Age

A [Westside Gazette article takes a look at ways women can stay fit as they approach menopause.

Does Pregnancy Change Your Brain? New Research Sheds Light On Another Motherhood Mystery

How does a woman’s brain change after pregnancy? Do these changes contribute towards postpartum depression? A Romper article answers some of these answers.

10 Great Outdoor Winter Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy Over the Holidays put together a list of some great outdoor activities that will help keep the kids occupied (and hopefully wear them out) this winter holiday.

How to Make Holiday Kids Crafts That are Actually Useful

This Canadian Nanny Blog post shows how kids can make four crafts that you may actually use and want to show off in your home.

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