Top Parenting News: CDC Predicts Bad Flu Season; Dismantling Obamacare; Crowdfunding to Help Maternity Leave Problem and More

January 16, 2017

This week’s parenting and child care news roundup includes stories about the CDC predicting a bad flu season; how to succeed in the first year of motherhood; the senate dismantling Obamacare and how mothers are using crowdfunding to help with the nationwide maternity leave problem.

Flu Season Is Going To Be Worse This Year Than Last, The CDC Warns

While in the midst of flu season, a SELF magazine article encourages readers to consider vaccinations and suggest other practices to prevent the flu.

Senate Passes First Step Toward Dismantling Obama’s Healthcare Law

The Guardian reports that Republicans have made advancements towards removing and replacing Obamacare.

13 Things I Did For Myself In The First Year Of Motherhood

One mother discusses how she made her first year as a mother a successful one. — Romper

Crowdfunding Site Helps Working Moms With Unpaid Maternity Leave, & It’s So Necessary

A Romper article takes a look at a story of a mother who created a crowdfunding site to help families who need medical leave.

5 Pregnancy and Baby Tech Products that are Actually Good

USA Today takes a look at several smart tech gadgets that any parent would consider useful!

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