The Parenting News You May Have Missed Over The Holidays

January 9, 2017

This edition of The Sitter Blog parenting and child care news roundup includes the top news you may have missed over the busy holidays including stories about parenting trends and resolutions for 2017; the rise of real motherhood on TV;how will Ivanka Trump reform child care?; a British man is pregnant?; is the Zika threat behind us?; women suffer more stress at work than men; a report on the invisible workload that most career mothers deal with and more.

Today’s Parent takes a look at 5 predicted parenting trends for the new year. Including a return to old fashion play, parents getting wise to the evils of sugar and parents opting for baby names that roll of the tongue often starting with the letter “L”.

Women Are Getting Penalized By Companies That Assume They’ll Want To Have A Family One Day

Are companies shying away from hiring certain women assuming that they’ll take a maternity leave? — Madame Noire

British Man, 20, Will Be The First To Give Birth Thanks To Sperm Donor He Found On Facebook

How did a 20 year old British man named Hayden Cross become the first man to become pregnant? The Sun provides the full story.

Abortion-Rights Activists Quake Over Trump’s Judges

Abortion providers and activist across America are concerned with nationwide changes to abortion policies when Trump takes office on January 20th. — Washington Examiner

Blackburn, Ivanka Trump Working To Make Child Care Affordable

Republican Marsha Blackburn is excited about proposed child care benefits that include tax credits and incentives. CNN reports on the work she’s been doing with Ivanka Trump.

One Dad’s Parenting Resolutions For 2017, Using Baby Steps

One father shares his plans for the new year and provides advice on parenting from the past. — Washington Post

5 Ways The Zika Virus is Here To Stay

A Huffington Post article mentions that the Zika virus is no longer considered a global threat, but is the virus really contained? Will there be a vaccine in the future?

Women Suffer Much More Work Stress Than Men

A Guardian article reports that women have higher loads of stress at work due to sexism and the responsibilities of juggling a career and family life. As a result, many are unhappy with their careers.

Lack of Funding is Creating a Hardship For Working Families With Low-wage Jobs

Professional childcare is just as expensive as a college tuition in most American states. Parents are struggling to meet the demands of their family. — Buffalo News

The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down

A Time article takes a look at extra workload that wears on women who work full time, but come home to additional chores and responsibilities.

From Better Things to Catastrophe, the Rise of Real Motherhood on TV

Paste magazine takes look at television shows that help viewers to understand the difficulties of modern motherhood.

New Research Suggests Maternity Leave is More Important for Mothers Than it is For Their Kids

A Quartz article takes a look at statistics regarding children’s behavior when mothers return to work after a short maternity leave.

A Zika Vaccine, but for Whom?

A NY Times article suggest that while several companies are working on a vaccine for the zika virus, many poor or impoverished countries are last in line. Is this fair?

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