Parenting & Child Care News Roundup | Nov. 25, 2016

November 25, 2016

This week’s The Blog parenting and child care news roundup includes stories about how president-elect Donald Trump’s policy will affect maternity leave, elder and child care; abortion numbers on the decline; the best herbs for menopause and moms balancing business and motherhood.

Number of Abortions Decline: Report

A Washington Examiner article reports that the nationwide number of abortions has continually declined. The article also mentions that while pro-life groups were happy about the statistics, they wondered how president-elect, Donald Trump would affect nationwide abortion statistics.

97 Year Old Child Care Veteran: “No such thing as ADD”

One 97 year old who has been working with children a number of years, believes that ADD and ADHD aren’t real disorders… While many consider her a conspiracy theorist, Betty Hooper continues to support children. — News Hub

How Will Donald Trump Affect Child Care, Senior Care, Maternity Leave and Abortion?

President-elect, Donald Trump will introduce nationwide changes for elder care, childcare and maternity leave. A article takes a look at some of his plans.

Confident Dads Raise Well Behaved Kids

A new study indicates that fathers who embrace childhood with a level of confidence and maturity play a role in their baby’s upbringing. — SBS

Best Herbs To Treat Menopause Symptoms

An MSN article takes a look at specific herbs that help a woman during menopause.

Balancing School with Motherhood and All That Life Can Throw at You

A single mother pursuing her MBA discusses how she balances motherhood while pursuing academic goals. — Cornell University

‘Mompreneurs’ Find New Ways to Balance Business, Motherhood

A Tampa Bay Times article takes a look at how mothers are tapping into their talents and becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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