Parenting News Round-Up: The Secret To Balancing Work And Motherhood, Will Trump’s Paid Maternity Leave & Childcare Tax Credits Close The Gender Pay Gap? and more

September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by, including how Donald Trump’s paid leave and childcare proposals may fall short, how to be a good mother when you don’t have any role models and a professional mom shares her secret to balancing work and motherhood.

What’s My Secret To Balancing Work And Motherhood?

— An awarded professional mom discusses how she was able to be productive with her demanding career while simultaneously raising a young child. —

Donald Trump’s New Paid Leave And Childcare Proposals Fall Far Short of Hillary Clinton

— Does Trump’s new child care plan help mothers? article takes a look at the benefits of Trump’s child care plans and compares them to Clinton’s.

Trump’s Paid Maternity Leave And Childcare Tax Credits Won’t Close The Gender Pay Gap

— Donald Trump’s proposed child care plan will offer paid maternity leave and tax credits for childcare. points out that extensive maternity leave could increase the gender pay gap.

Millennials Entering Menopause? Survey Exposes What Many Young Women Don’t Know

Fox News Health reports that many women ignore or are unaware of the early stages of Menopause which may begin when women are in their early thirties.

How To Setup A Homework Zone For Children

— It’s time to head back to school! Child care expert Martha Scully provides six tips to create a healthy and safe work environment for your children. — [](How to Set Up a Homework Zone for Children)

7 Car Seat Mistakes You’re Probably Making

— Installing a car seat is more complex than it seems. Many children aren’t as secure has they should be! Today’s Parent provides some expert advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Interview With The ADHD Doctor

— One of the United States’s foremost authorities on ADHD, discusses the disorder with and discusses strategies that parents can use to manage the disorder.

How To Be A Good Mother When You Don’t Have Any Role Models

— Motherhood is difficult, but where do new mothers turn when they don’t have a mentor or mental reference for parenting? The Federalist takes a look at several things mothers can do to fill the void.

12 Ways to Keep Your Baby Happy in a Car

While not every suggestion will work for every baby, the tips provided by childcare expert, Martha Scully, will give you some ideas to help you develop a calmer driving routine with your infant -

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