Happiest Dads Spend More Time with Their Kids & More Top Parenting News of the Week

September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by Sitter.com, including how happiest dads are the ones who spend time caring for their children.

Percentages of Colleges With Child Care Centers Shrinking - Insidehired.com reports that although the number of students who are parents is increasing, learning institutions with child-care centers continues to decrease.

Government Is To Blame For For High Child Care Bills — Affordable childcare continues to be a hot topic for presidential candidates, but a Manhattan Institute article indicates that the government has neglected to help families, which ultimately affects child rearing.

Hands-on Dads Happiest, Most Satisfied, New Research Shows — Happy dads are the ones who spend time caring for their children. Babyology.com points out that traditionally, gender-based roles and work have prevented fathers from bonding with their kids.

Health Briefs: Leaning on Family Leads To A Long Life — An American Sociological Association study finds that seniors who were married and had a number of close family members were very healthy. These people were less likely to die at an early age. — HeraldTribune.com

Hillary Clinton Says She’s Ready To Be Commander-In-Chief — During a recent American Legion meeting, Mrs. Clinton laid out her foreign policy plans while questioning the tactics of Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton called for a stronger partnership with allies and fighting terrorism. — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Is Menopause Partly To Blame For Record Painkiller Addiction Among White Women?New York Magazine reports that mortality rates for middle-aged white women continue to increase. Many experts believe there is a link with drug abuse and depression.

What Nobody Told Me About MotherhoodBabble.com takes a look at one mother’s experience with motherhood. During the article, she speaks on some of the more significant incidents of raising her children.

Fitness At Home: The Most Powerful Workouts For Busy MomsSitter.com provides readers with some excellent exercises that mothers can do without going to the gym!

A Doctor Explains All You Need To Know About The Zika Virus — During an interview, Dr. Joseph Alton sheds light on the Zika virus, testing and how parents can avoid getting it. — Sitter.com

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