Trump’s Family Leave Proposal & Abortion Ban & more in this Week’s Parenting News Roundup

November 11, 2016 shares the top parenting news from this week, including stories about president-elect Trump’s family leave proposal, repeal of Obama-care and possible ban on abortions, women entrepreneurs who are successfully running businesses while running their homes, ways to help manage your children’s screen time, advice on raising unique and emotionally healthy twins and more.

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Family Leave, An Unexpected Election Winner

A Boston Globe article points out some of the benefits of president-elect Donald Trump and his new proposal which would offer six weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers, which is a significant enhancement to the country’s existing leave program.

President-elect Trump Vows Repeal of Obamacare and Hints at Abortion Ban in New Health Plan

The Affordable Care Act’s days are numbered. Trump’s new plan also includes plans to ostensibly protect “innocent human life from conception to natural death.” the International Business Times article also pointed out various changes with healthy insurance.

Midlife Women Outperform Men on Memory Tasks Until Menopause

A Medscape article reports that midlife women outperform men with memory related tasks until menopause, when their estrogen levels decrease.

10 Sacrifices I Thought I Had To Make My First Year As A Mom, But Didn’t

Are the difficulties of parenting overrated? One mother takes a look at motherhood and provides practical advice beyond the hype associated with being a new mom. —

Entrepreneurship and Motherhood: Finding Strength in Overcoming Bias

Women entrepreneurs are constantly redefining motherhood. A Model-D article takes a look at mother’s who are successfully running businesses while running their homes.

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Twins: Dr. Joan Friedman Interview

In an interview for CareGuide, Psychotherapist and Twin expert Dr. Joan Friedman, discusses ways to raise unique and emotionally healthy twins.

5 Ways to Help Limit Your Children’s Screen/TV Time

How much TV/screen time do your kids get? How much is too much? offers tips to help manage our children’s ever-increasing screen time.

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