The Top 7 Soap Operas in the History of Daytime Television

November 2, 2016

There is television and then, there are soap operas, the scripted drama of reality television before it existed. Originating on American TV, these shows combine a mixture of drama, romance and human interest stories involving multiple characters. Did you know that these shows were sponsored by detergent manufacturers, giving birth to the name “Soap Operas?”

Here’s a look at some of the best soaps in the history of television

  1. The Young and The Restless

This program made its debut in 1973, and it is based on a series of events in a fictitious Wisconsin city. It focused on a number of families, both wealthy and working class. The show transitioned from daytime to weeknight programming in 2006 and is internationally syndicated.

  1. Days of Our Lives

The definition of longevity on television; this show premiered in 1965. According to the NBC website, this soap has won over 43 daytime Emmy Awards and is syndicated internationally. Based in a fictitious midwestern town, and focusing on the lives of several families, involving great story telling that involves romance, adventure and drama.

  1. The Bold and the Beautiful

Originally airing on CBS in 1987, this soap opera is based in Los Angeles, California. It follows the events of the Forrester family and their fashion business. The show has over 26 millions viewers and has won over 31 daytime Emmy Awards. Internationally syndicated and shown on both CBS and the POP channel.

  1. General Hospital

One of the longest running soap operas in the history of American television, premiering on ABC in 1963. Based in Port Charles, New York; the shows follows the the stories of the Quartermains and the Spencer families. The 1981 episode which featured the weddings of characters Luke and Laura attracted over 30 million viewers and is regarded as the highest rated hour in American soap history.

  1. All My Children

Broadcasted on ABC from 1970 to 2011. The show is based on dramas occurring in a fictional suburb of Philadelphia. The show tackled controversial and relevant topics including abortion, the Vietnam War, homosexuality and rape.

The HuffingtonPost article, ‘All My Children’ Canceled: Online Soap Not Returning reported that there was an attempt to revive the show online in 2013.

  1. As the World Turns

This program premiered on CBS for 54 years, premiering in 1956 and ending in 2010. It has based in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois and focused on both the drama involving the Hughes and Snyder family.

  1. One Life To Live

This show was broadcast on ABC for 43 years. It made its premiere in 1968 and continued until 2012 when it was broadcast online in 2013. Also based in a fictitious city in Philadelphia, featuring several families of various social and economic backgrounds. It featured interesting themes, including: drug addiction, cultism, espionage and time travel.

What’s Your Favorite Soap Opera? Did it Make the List?

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