What is Holistic Parenting and What are the Benefits?

September 30, 2016

Interested in a parenting style that promotes the well-being of your entire family? A lifestyle where parents play an active role in each step of their child’s development?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of holistic parenting.

What is Holistic Parenting

Holistic parenting is a lifestyle of conscientiousness. Parents make a concerted effort to be mindful of their environment and teach their children how it affects their lives. More specifically, parents are concerned with all areas of childbirth, alternative medicine, regular exercise, healthy eating, teaching children about nature and reducing children’s dependence and exposure to a consumer-driven culture.

Holistic Pregnancy

When it comes to holistic pregnancy a mother is going to be mindful of her diet and also make sure that she incorporates an exercise program. Many mothers have turned towards successful vegan diets and have used acupuncture or yoga to alleviate back pain.

Dr. Mani Pavitra provided her take on holistic pregnancy and how it benefits a mother saying:

“Holistic approach is nothing but we address all three aspects of the human being. The mind, body and the spirit… The body of the person can be kept fit, by doing regular exercise. The same thing can be applied in the context of pregnancy. What does a pregnant woman ideally need to do? She needs to exercise at least 30 minutes per day, that is the minimum amount of exercise that is prescribed. That will take care of all the physical aspects of the woman… What does the mind have to do with pregnancy? Listening to good stories, listening to positive aspect of pregnancy, and cutting yourself away from negativity will help in nurturing the mind. I personally feel, 90% of the pregnancy happens in the mind… If you have a great, strong mind, if you can read good books throughout pregnancy, and if you can develop a positive attitude towards pregnancy, more than half your job is done.”

The emotional part of pregnancy is critical to the success of the newborn. Medical studies have proven that postpartum doulas can alleviate emotional stress and depression.

Exercise, specifically yoga, has helped mothers reduce back pain and helped them control their breathing during the labor process.

Holistic Health and Wellness

Parents interested in holistic parenting should consider a team of doctors or alternative medicine practitioners to help with their child’s health. In addition, it is beneficial for parents to try and remove all of the toxins in their child’s environment.

A particularly sensitive subject of holistic parenting is vaccines. Parents are recommended to do their own research on each vaccine and understand how they will affect your child.


A holistic approach to parenting requires research and study for each stage of pregnancy and childbirth. It also involves a selective parenting style, an educated decision on dieting and a commitment to your child’s education.

Keep in mind that holistic parenting is more of a philosophy, and parents can choose where and how they implement it.

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