What Not To Do When Applying for Babysitter Jobs

January 23, 2016

A Toronto Babysitterreached out to us asking why she could not find a babysitting job. We decided to put together this list of what not to do when applying to be a babysitter. 

6 No-No’s When Applying for Babysitter Jobs

1. Sending Careless messages

If a parent sends you an email or text about a sitter job, remember that you should not text them back like you would a friend. Even through text you should be professional. Be polite, courteous, refrain from using slang and do your best to use proper grammar. 

2. Changing the time for the interview at the last minute

Parents are very busy people. There is a good chance that they needed to move things around in order to meet with you. Do everything that you can to arrive on time at the scheduled time that you agreed to.  

3. Bringing someone else to the interview

It is okay to have someone drop you off at the parents home, but it is not okay for that person to wait out front or come into the home with you. 

4. Answer your phone during the interview

In any interview, we recommend that you turn your phone off. Answering your phone during an interview is a BIG NO NO. If for some emergency reason you need to answer your phone, warn the family in advance that you may need to step out to take a call. Ask permission. 

5. Talking negatively

Talking badly about your family, friends, or past employer is never a good idea. Families look for positive and happy sitters to care for their children. 

6. Not Asking The Right Questions

In a babysitter interview, parents often see the questions that you ask to be very important. Having no questions prepared is always a mistake. Being too focused on the wage is discouraging to parents. Be prepared in advance with many different questions. 

Improve your Chances of Landing a Babysitter Job

Want to improve your chances of landing the job on your next baby sitter or nanny interview? Don’t do the things we listed above. Also check out these Tips to Improve your Babysitting Interview Skills and be better prepared by having answers to these 37 Sample Babysitter Interview Questions. Need help finding a babysitter job? Search our listings of families and individuals in need of child care in your area