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Crystal C

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Tender Loving Childcare
Midlothian, Virginia
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I am a mother of a 2 yr old boy who loves having the opportunity to be able to stay home with him. I tried the whole going back to work thing for a while (just part time) and I really didn't like having to be away from my little man. So here I am nine months later. I currently only have 2 kids, a year old and a 2 yr old (siblings). I am looking to fill a few spots that were vacated because the mother decided to stay home full time with her children. A little about how our days go around here: -I serve breakfast (if your child is dropped off before 8:00am) which is usually something simple like cereal, poptarts, yogurt, fruit etc. Sometimes I feel fancy and fix a whole big breakfast but that all depends on how the morning has progressed thus far. -I do have the tv on in the morning but it is only on for a few hours. TV is not a staple in my daycare as I feel kids should be learning through play and enrichment. -I love getting on the floor and playing with them. I am constantly buying new things for them. Their favorite toy right now are the trucks and cars. Boys will be boys. -Sometime during the morning, I serve a small snack which usually consists of animal crackers, fruit, yogurt, muffins, etc. Then anywhere from 11:30-12... lunch is served. This is a standard pb&j sandwich, noodles, hot dogs, mac and cheese, fries, etc. I also try to serve fruit or veggies with every meal at lunchtime. -After lunch, the children pick up their toys and go to sleep on their mats with their stuffed toys (if they bring one) and their blanket. Naps usually last a couple hours. -After nap it's usually another small snack then either coloring, learning activities* or just some more good ol' fashioned playing. I generally try to do something with them learning wise everyday.b *We will be starting a toddler curriculum the beginning of June. A Little About My Background: After my mother had a bad experience with a sitter, she decided to start up her own daycare in her home when I was a year old. My mother finally decided to go back out into the real world when me and my brother were in our late teens. During the summer and when I got done with my homework, I would help my mom with the children. I loved the summer months because there would always be lots to do. From a young age I was taught to change diapers, feed babies, learned the correct way to hold and burp a baby, and much more. I really enjoyed being able to work and play with the children. My mother showed me that it's never too early to teach the kids to talk, read, write, etc. I am currently not accepting any child under the age of 1 yr old. I feel that I may be stretched too thin and want to be able to provide for the children equally. With that said, I would absolutely love to be given the chance to care for your precious child. Hours & Rates: Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm Full Time: $110 Part time: $75-$85 (depending on frequency)

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