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With a large database composed of thousands of nannies, finding a competent nanny for your child is a cake walk on our site. If you're seeking someone like Maria from The Sound Of Music, may be the right place for you. Once you have created a listing on our site, you can browse for nanny profiles and get in touch with them through our secure system of communication. Similarly, nannies and sitters can also contact you. 'How do I ensure privacy' you ask? Don't worry! We have all that covered up through Telesafe, a communication feature that allows you to call and message potential matches without having to disclose your contact details. To know more, sign up on

A nanny or a sitter is more than someone who helps you with child care and daily chores. Over time, you and your child may form a special bond with the nanny. It's like welcoming a new member into your family. And for this reason, it is important to find a sitter/nanny with great caution and care. With our community of enthusiastic child care providers and through our security procedures, finding a nanny was never this safe and easy! 

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