How much do babysitters cost?

by Amin Bashii

The price you pay for a babysitter could cost as much as $17 per hour. This rate will vary depending on where you live and the age and experience of the sitter. Cost of living and minimum wage laws can influence hourly rates.

A good rule of thumb is this: the fewer the qualifications, the lower the rate. You can pay someone who is just starting to babysit less than a professional adult with years of experience and a degree in early childhood education. Use your judgment, but you’re likely in the right ballpark if you’re paying an inexperienced babysitter somewhere between $8 and $17 an hour and an experienced professional between $18 and $32 an hour.

As you can see, the more children you have, the higher the hourly cost. If you have more than two children, a newborn or a child with special needs, the rate also tends to be higher. Ready to find your wonderful babysitter? matches parents with North America's most trustworthy babysitters. Locate a provider using our directory — filter your results based on experience or services offered. Whatever the desired skill, we'll help you find a babysitter. Reach out to potential hires through our platform by instant messaging or by phone call. Narrow down your results and hire the one that stands out. Easy.

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Amin Bashii
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