Find a Local Nanny

Looking for a trusted nanny to take care of your kid(s)? We have a community of loving and experienced nannies who are waiting to be matched with the right family.

If you’re a busy family with young school aged kids you could probably use a helping hand. However, finding a reliable nanny to come into your home and take care of the kids and all of their activities isn’t always easy. can simplify your search and will help you find a local individual who is ready to share their passion for children. Whether you need a part time nanny, a full time nanny, or a live in nanny, we can help you connect with a reliable individual that fits your specific needs.

Many people turn to their social circle to find a nanny they know and trust. When this isn’t an option, and you’re in need of a reliable individual, has you covered. Whoever you decide to hire, be sure you’ve thoroughly researched their work history with other families. Ask for references and consider doing a background check as well. Nannies interact very closely with your kids and your home so you want to make sure you are bringing in someone that will not only do a great job, but is trusted as well.  

Nannies are generally more involved in a family and the children’s lives when compared to a babysitter. Nannies are paid a weekly (or biweekly) salary, have vacation time (minimum 2 weeks) and have taxes deducted from their pay. A nanny has more responsibilities than a babysitter and will usually be tasked with household work, driving children to activities, preparing meals, setting schedules, and ensuring proper cognitive and physical development of children through various activities.

Go ahead and get connecting with our wonderful nannies who are excited to get to work with you and your kid(s)!