Find Overnight Childcare

Looking for the perfect overnight care for your little one? We have a community of loving childcare providers that are waiting for you!

Do you work long hours? Or perhaps you travel for business? If that sounds like you then you have come to the right place. We know that finding an overnight childcare provider can be challenging if you don’t know where to start your search. can simplify the process by  providing you with listings of local childcare providers with different qualifications who can meet all of your needs. Whether you need someone who is experienced with newborns, twins, or special needs, we can help you find the perfect overnight childcare.

Many people turn to their social circle to find overnight childcare they know and trust. When this isn’t an option, and you’re in need of a reliable individual, has you covered. Whoever you decide to hire, be sure you’ve thoroughly researched their work history with other families. Ask for references and consider doing a background check as well. Childcare providers interact closely with your kids and your home so you want to make sure you are bringing in someone that will not only do a great job, but is trusted as well.  

Go ahead and get connecting with our passionate childcare providers who are excited to get to work with you and your kid(s)!

What others are saying
It was really easy to find a nanny for our kids on Within days of posting we had 5+ great applicants. We hired Alma, who's been with us for nearly 3 years now and is a part of our family. Jonas G, Austin

What to Consider When Finding Overnight Child Care

There are several similarities between finding daytime and overnight childcare, so you should still follow the normal caregiver hiring steps. In addition to the usual considerations, you should also give some thought as to how much you will pay the caregiver, specific services required, where the caregiver will sleep, and their own sleeping patterns. Regardless of the time of day, children need to be cared for and we’ll help connect you with the right overnight childcare.