Busting Myths About Food You Can Eat During Pregnancy & More Parenting News
Parenting News

Busting Myths About Food You Can Eat During Pregnancy & More Parenting News

by Craig Sutton

A roundup of the day’s top parenting stories in the news for July 27th, 2016 brought to you by Sitter.com

1. WHY SICK KIDS ARE CAUSING A CHILDCARE NIGHTMARE — Keep your germs at home. Childcare workers are speaking out about parents who bring their sick children in a care facilities. — Sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

2. SHOULD I PUT MY BABY IN A BOX? — Newborn babies, how can they avoid SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)? Sleep in a cardboard box? What do experts say? — SwindonAdvertiser.co.uk

3. CDC ISSUES UPDATED GUIDANCE FOR ZIKA TESTING IN PREGNANT WOMEN — According to a BostonGlobe.com article, the CDC is advising women to get tested up to 14 days after symptoms begin.

4. FOOD YOU CAN EAT DURING PREGNANCY: 7 MYTHS BUSTEDTelegraph.co.uk article takes a look at seven foods pregnant mothers have traditionally been told to avoid.

5. 10 THINGS MEN NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DATING A SINGLE MOTHERSitter.com takes a look at the sensitive issue and what men should need to know about establishing a connection with a single mom.

6. PREGNANCY ADVICE: IRON DEFICIENCY WHEN PREGNANT CAN EFFECT THE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BABYParentHerald.com article points out that mothers need a diet that is full of protein for a healthy placenta and fetus.

7. FROM CHILD CARE TO HOUSEKEEPING: HOW MUCH HOUSEWORK SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM YOU NANNY? — Will a nanny take care of the kids & clean the house? What about laundry & cooking? How much housework does a typical nanny do and how to handle asking for more. — CanadianNanny.ca

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