Where can I find virtual babysitters?

Where can I find virtual babysitters?

by Amin Bashii

Woman's Day says virtual babysitting is the newest trend in at-home child care, and a responsible way to socially distance and entertain the kids. Virtual babysitting might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's a reality that many families are implementing right now during social distancing. With millions of parents doing triple duty as remote workers, caregivers, and educators, many are overwhelmed and looking for ways to bring balance to their day. Virtual Sitting is proving to be helpful by giving parents a short window of time to jump on a work call or prepare lunch while keeping their kids busy.

At CareGuide, our product-led approach has enabled us to be quick to adapt to changes, evolve our product, and advance our business strategies to stay a step ahead of our customers. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we soon learned that many parents are struggling to find a balance between working from home, caring for their children, and educating them. So, we quickly built a new experience for our CanadianNanny, Sittet.com, and MeetATutor.com communities to empower nannies, babysitters, and tutors to offer remote babysitting and tutoring.

How does it work? 🤔

Rather than providing care in the family’s home, the sitter spends a few hours via video chat helping children with their homework or guiding them through engaging activities. To find sitter offering virtual babysitting and tutoring simply enter “Virtual Sitting” or “Online Tutoring” into the search field.

Not finding any educator you like on Sittet.com? Check out MeetATutor.com for more options.

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Amin Bashii
Amin Bashi is CareGuide's VP of Product. At CareGuide, we give our caregivers the support and tools needed to be successful. Because we believe happier caregivers provide better care. We champion great independent caregivers, introduce them to great families, and support them as they build long-lasting relationships directly with their clients. Amin is currently a Principal Lecturer at Product School, and he’s training the next generation of product leaders in North America.