Kid-Friendly Activities for Every Day of the Summer

July 17, 2019

Summer is only a mere 90 days out of every year, so why not make each day count? Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter looking to entertain some kids this summer, there are endless opportunities to make each day stand out.

To help you start your summer planning, has compiled a list of fun-filled activities for kids to enjoy every day of the summer. Read on and get inspired with these 90 fun summer activities for kids!

  1. Visit the zoo
  2. Spend a day at the park
  3. Take a day trip to the beach
  4. Visit a local museum
  5. Go for a bike ride
  6. Go berry picking
  7. Go camping
  8. Test your skills in baking
  9. Get crafty with some sidewalk chalk
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Build a fort (inside or out!)
  12. Build a DIY toy boat and take it sailing
  13. Work on a puzzle
  14. Visit a local farmer’s market
  15. Go for a hike
  16. Go canoeing
  17. Paint rocks for the garden
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Go bowling (on the lawn or in the lanes!)
  20. Create a scavenger hunt and search for hidden treasure
  21. Collect fireflies in a breathable jar
  22. Go to cultural festivals to learn about the world
  23. Go to an amusement park
  24. Take a trip to the movies
  25. Go to the fields for a game of soccer
  26. Put pen to paper and write short stories
  27. Build a DIY sprinklerand have a party
  28. Set up an obstacle course and run the gauntlet
  29. Play hide and seek
  30. Break out the board games and play the day away
  31. Create a scrapbook
  32. Get your hands dirty in the garden
  33. Try your hand at a game of chess
  34. Choreograph a dance to your favourite song
  35. Set up a lemonade stand to see how much business you get
  36. Go to a batting cage
  37. Make some ooey-gooey slime
  38. Collect butterflies
  39. Visit a county fair
  40. Check out some books from the library
  41. Play flashlight tag in the dark
  42. Go rock climbing
  43. Make macaroni art
  44. Have an egg-toss competition
  45. Spend the day playing Pokémon GO or Wizards Unite
  46. Have a silly string war
  47. Learn and play some new card games
  48. Visit a water park
  49. Go see an outdoor play or concert
  50. Visit a nature centre to learn about animals
  51. Go for a boat ride
  52. Have a water balloon fight
  53. Roast Marshmallows over a campfire (and make S’mores!)
  54. Sculpt creations with playdough
  55. Make your own slip and slide
  56. Collect rocks or seashells at the beach
  57. Plan a three-legged race
  58. Create your own mini-put or croquet course
  59. Lean basic magic tricks
  60. Make your own ice cream
  61. Visit a pioneer village to learn about history
  62. Build your own instruments
  63. Spend a day volunteering in your community
  64. Try your hand at yoga
  65. Go birdwatching
  66. Watch movies on a projector screen
  67. Play capture the flag
  68. Go to a professional sports game
  69. Play outside in the summer rain
  70. Have a backyard BBQ
  71. Create a Mentos geyser
  72. Go for a picnic
  73. Use a globe to learn about new countries with every spin
  74. Play with bubbles
  75. Have a sleepover party
  76. Make your own popsicles
  77. Spend a day exploring your community
  78. Go fishing
  79. Build a LEGO set together
  80. Have backyard races for prizes
  81. Bake a money cake
  82. Organize a tour of your local fire station
  83. Become a chef for a day and cook all the meals
  84. Read stories out loud
  85. Visit a dog park and watch them play
  86. Spend a day at the playground
  87. Beat the heat by making your own fans