Hire a Pet Sitter

January 4, 2013

Leaving your pet(s) while away from home is always difficult. You want excellent and reliable care for your special companion, but always leaving them with a friend or a neighbor when you travel or go on vacation can become a problem. It is a lot to ask on a regular basis. You can choose instead, to hire a pet sitter. Pet Sitters are a great alternative to traditional but impersonal kennel environments.

Where can you find a pet sitter?

Just like any other sitter job, you can search or post ads on Sitter.com. Our pet sitter listings have an abundance of individuals from across the United States and Canada who are looking to take care of your pet. This is an easy and time saving resource when beginning your search. Start by entering the name of the city where you need these services and view the listings.

If you have a specific need or cannot find a pet sitter that suits your requirements, another option is to post a job listing. This allows other sitters who match your request to contact you with their applications. Simply follow the instructions on line to post a job.

Pet sitter services

Pet sitters will have the best chance of caring for your pet to your satisfaction by making sure that you outline all the specific duties that you expect and then discussing these with the potential sitter. Once you come to agreement, a list should be in place.These tasks may include a prescribed meal routine, outdoor activity when appropriate, playtime and also, in some situations, giving medication or treating a medical need.

Professional pet sitters, will often have you sign a pet sitter contract, where the terms and obligations are clearly established. They will also require awareness of the medical history of your pet, to make sure the pet sitting service has the skill and the will to address your pet’s needs. Most of the time professional pet sitters will be insured and bonded.

Evaluating what type of pet services you need

If you need somebody to walk your dog(s), you probably do not need a professional pet sitter, but if you are away for a few days or even weeks or if your pet has special medical needs, professional pet sitters are your safest choice. You should review the sitter’s past experience, specific evidence of expertise with your type of pet, and you should also check that they have proof of their pet sitter insurance and other certifications.

Pet sitter rates

The pay rate for a pet sitter varies from $5 an hour up to $20 dollars an hour, depending on how many pets the sitter supervises, what services are provided and for what amount of time. If your pet is lower maintenance, it may be cheaper to get a housesitter instead who will provide basic pet services such as dog walking and feeding