Nanny Agency

March 5, 2015

One valuable resource to help you hire a nanny is a nanny placement agency. Nanny agencies offer professional services to help you find the nanny you need. They have a specialized database of nannies and assist you through the process of finding the one that meets your individual requirements.

While looking for a nanny agency, keep in mind that, like everything, there is a great range in quality. To ensure you make the best choice, make sure you search each nanny agencies reviews and ratings. Top nanny agencies might charge you higher rates, but they will also provide you with a better quality service.

Benefits of Nanny Agencies

Contacting a nanny agency saves you effort and time helping you with tasks such as interviewing candidates, and reviewing their backgroundand qualifications. They will also help monitor the nanny’s performance after she is hired and assist you with any legal issues regarding drawing up a custom nanny contract, nanny payroll and nanny taxes.

Nanny agencies have devised a complex screening procedure and they will match you with the best qualified nanny. The process consists of looking up all the references a nanny has, interviewing previous families and thus making sure the company has a clear record of her performance on previous nanny jobs. They will also do a thorough background check; review the nanny’s criminal record, driving record, credit history and so on. Moreover, the agency will also make sure each applicant meets the federal work eligibility laws and immigration laws. After passing all these requirements, the agencies consider an applicant a certified nanny, able to be referred to any family.

With a well developed customized nanny contract that has been reviewed by the nanny agency, in the unfortunate case of any breach of contract, you can hold the nanny liable for any violation of her duties.