The Nanny Portfolio - a Definite Hiring Asset

January 10, 2014

Many people new to the nanny world are under the mistaken assumption that a nanny is just a babysitter who works longer hours. But new nannies quickly learn that a nanny is a skilled professional and the nanny market is increasingly competitive.

Moreover, you're taking care of someone else's children, so earning your employer's trust and demonstrating your competence as a childcare provider is of paramount importance.

A nanny portfolio is an excellent way to stand out above the crowd, to highlight your skills as a nanny, and to convey a sense of professionalism that may gain you a higher salary.

Perhaps most importantly, building a nanny portfolio will encourage you to review your past experiences and training, which will make you better prepared for interviews and more prepared to talk about why you are the best candidate!

Your portfolio can be done in one of two ways: a polished hard copy or electronically. Either way, it should include certain artifacts, have an easy to comprehend organization, and be simple, eye catching and professional.

Below find a list of entries or organizational tips that might be good to consider.

  • A letter to prospective families
  • Artifacts such as photos, journal entries and sample activities
  • A list of potential references
  • Highlight skills achieved from each position
  • Summarize your training and proof of ongoing interest in learning (courses etc.)
  • Outline your household responsibilities and daily routines with children
  • Include any volunteer work that you have done
  • Showcase your strengths
  • Understand the audience that you are preparing your portfolio for (level of language)
  • Prepare a perfect product with no spelling or grammatical errors and a style that is easy to read
  • As well, your portfolio should have a constant font and page set up to add to the professionalism of the product
  • Maximum length should be 5-10 pages
  • Your portfolio should look child friendly NOT childish
  • Summarizes your preferred style of childcare
  • Recap personal positive attributes
  • Identify your discipline style
  • Keep up to date records of previous employment?

Nanny Professionalism is the gateway to success in your career. A portfolio is where that image begins!